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documents this fertile collaboration and includes some enormous slabs of drone rock alongside more decomposed pieces and gorgeously gritty string duos.

It’s a shocking piece of violence which I suppose little kids can handle but, woah, what the hell, dude? They are young kids, Opie is Ned’s older sister–a joke is made about Opie being a weird name for a girl, but sadly, nothing more comes of that.

“Flying Fast n Furious” has clattering percussion and squeaky violins.

There’s some fast drumming and violin playing in the middle with a great wobbly low bass around.

Chaos ensues, the hat flies off (and gets two holes in it) and the kids wind up stealing the giant man’s horse and taking off.

I enjoyed scenes like this a lot–comedy Western-style with ricochets and women in towels and hats falling over horses ears. But the truth is that neither Opie nor Ned are all that likable as protagonists.

Of course Opie assumes the giant man is mean and won’t listen to Ned’s explanation.

But things are more serious than that because the horse–Buddy or Ulysses–was stolen from the kids by a bunch of horse thieves.The final track is “Panorama From Maxwell Montes” which opens with some dissonant scratchy violins.The drums come in and start playing an intersection complex rhythm making this a good album closer.Once the drums enter, the song stays mostly the same—sawing violins and a steady drums with some other occasional percussion. Around 6 minutes things change slightly and the song becomes more insistent.It continues like this for most of the rest of the song and then ends with some solo violins.Opie won’t tell anyone (even Ned) why she’s doing what she’s doing and Ned doesn’t ever seem to realize that he’s doing really stupid things.