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I could have easily escaped from the ropes but I found myself quite enjoying the scenario.Jon spanked my bottom, harder than previous occasions and then sodomized me , it did hurt more than I thought it would, he was large and very erect and in retrospect I think he paid particular attention to spanking my hole, so it would hurt when he buggered me.

After only a few seconds I found that I had opened my legs wider and he was working my hole effortlessly, I think I had some kind of bizarre orgasm at this point, certainly a sensation never experienced before, Jon was now kissing my neck.

Jon said something like 'perhaps I should gag you with some tights'.

I thought on this for a second and said something like 'gagged in tights and spanked and fucked, sounds a bit extreme to me'.

Sure enough, on the next occasion he called I found myself over the sofa again, wrists tied loosely behind my back, ankles tied together fairly loosely too.

Jon gagged me with some tights and pulled them down over my head.

I got in the bath that morning and shaved my legs and bottom, and also shaved chest, and stomach.

I looked a bit ridiculous when I looked at myself in the mirror, but I put on the body stocking and went downstairs. I told him 'all day' and told him about wife being in ireland.

I felt ashamed after he'd left and regretting what I'd done.

I told myself it was time to terminate the arrangement.

I didnt particulary like the bloke to be honest, definitely nothing personal as such, but he tended to outstay his welcome and basically talk nonsense, mostly about benidorm and mundane television programmes, coronation street etc, but I aren't complaining, I wanted it to be an 'uncomplicated' arrangement, but obviously consider myself a friendly enought sort of bloke to be hospitable.

On the 4th visit, he spanked me again in tights, over the sofa, I heard him masturbating as I couldn't see anything , then he ejaculated, on the soles of my feet.

Jon stripped and this was the first time I had seen another man naked, since schooldays.

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