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Singapore is an Asian gastronomic paradise, where you can try best Japanese (and world) dishes in Japanese sophisticated and romantic atmosphere.

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill, located in the One Fullerton complex on Marina Bay, is one of them.Besides, they have special requirements for the quality of ingredients.The atmosphere of Kinki is designed to relax and communicate with people: relaxing interior, huge windows, overlooking the Marina Bay Sands complex, and great music.Fat Cow A luxurious Japanese restaurant with the interior based on Wabi-Sabi philosophy – the art of seeing beauty in simple and modest things.In addition to the amazing and intricate Japanese dishes, Dan Segall, the chef of the Fat Cow, put an emphasis on the “wagyu” – a sophisticated kind of marbled beef, brought from the most respected farms in Japan, Australia, and the USA.The menu includes a lot of author’s creations combining some Mediterranean-Californian culinary trends and Asian cuisine notes.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste their specialties: the smoked eel in artichoke jelly with duck liver and salmon pate, risotto with crab, citrus minestrone or barramundi with a crispy crust.

Here you can enjoy a luxurious and fashionable interior, with the elements reminding distant sea voyages, as well as the amazing cuisine, represented by seafood and unusual innovative solutions.

IT is a must for every visitor the specialty of The Pelican Platter – the freshest oysters, shrimps, crab, a famous Maine lobster…

The main feature of the Ocean restaurant is its location. The hall, designed for 63 seats, was inspired by the wonders of the underwater world: pearl mosaics, aquamarine lining, chandeliers, decorated with pearl mosaics, and a carpet with jellyfish patterns. Ocean Restaurant is very proud of its boss – Cat Cora, who is a famous chef and the first woman in Singapore to take part in the famous American show Iron Chef.

This Singapore theme restaurant is located in the heart of a world’s largest oceanarium – the S. She prefers light and healthy dishes, made with fresh local ingredients.

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