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Whether you’re sparing no expense or tightening the belt, we’ve gathered a list of baby essentials you’re going to need before greeting your new arrival, supplying both the top and low-end prices.

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The full data for the latest month is available for you to download below - including data for Britain's magazines and local newspapers. You should get all the vitamins and minerals you need from a balanced diet, however health professionals also advise mums-to-be take supplements to ensure they are getting everything their body needs.Two common ones are: The Department of Health advises mums-to-be to take 400 micrograms of folic acid each day while trying to conceive and for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.Below you can browse our list of what you are likely to spend when bringing a baby into the world.There are statistics and facts regarding the biggest spending culprits and tips on how to save more of that much-needed money for pocket money and school dinners over the next two decades.One of the hidden costs of pregnancy comes during the third trimester when mums are required to take on an additional 200 calories a day.

It may not sound a lot, but just for fun, we’ve considered how much of certain foods you would need to eat in these last three months and what it might cost.However, they use different data - the new data is based on a survey extrapolation, the ABCs on data from browsers.The NRS uses UKOM/Nielsen data that collects survey responses about where people go online.But becoming a parent starts way before your baby arrives and we’ve taken a closer look at the true cost of being pregnant to help expectant mums and dads prepare for the next nine months.Our research showed providing all the right vitamins and foods and making sure baby’s first weeks are safe, comfortable and tastefully decorated, could cost almost £4,750.• The Times was the most popular quality title in print with 5.52 million readers a month.

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