Wwe wrestlers dating divas

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In real life, as seen in Total Divas, there is still requisite drama, but more revealing are some of the particular life struggles and behind the scenes realities for women of the WWE.On the show, Trinity and Ariane experience the challenges and personality clashes that any close friends and colleagues might, but here, in this chat with my sons and I, they are wildly united in their enthusiasm about the WWE as the opportunity of lifetime, and in their well-qualified assertion that, hi, they are your kids' role models.

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Yeah, we have little green outfits on and it has a disco ball and we will be a battle pack together. I have to ask, knowing there is no other Black female tag team in the WWE, do you ladies ever feel racial tension? Do you feel like audiences divide themselves and their allegiances along racial lines or do you really sense that the WWE is a truly uniting kind of force?

We’ve been together four years, we met when I first came in.

We were in developmental together we were actually on the road together and started dating on TV.

I am so lucky to have her as my tag team partner because she helps me in so many ways. She has definitely made me want to push harder and train harder. (kid 1): Yeah but did you guys Brotus Clay (The Funkasaurus) or were you forced to work with him? We can talk to children about how being a bully and how watching bullying happen is not okay. (kid 1): So Naomi, do you have a finishing move because I noticed you beat one of the twins with a crossbody.

(kid 2): How did you guys get the name ' The Funkadactyls'? TM: No we wanted to work with him, we’ve known each other for a while, and when the opportunity came we were very excited to dance with him and be able to work together. TM: [laughs] Yes, right now I use the crossbody as a finish—but I haven’t come up with a good name for it yet.

We have people from 14 different countries and a whole bunch of ethnicities. AA: I would just like to add to the whole stereotype thing.

There is something for everybody when you watch our shows. If you saw us within the community giving back, it’s amazing what we do and how much we put out. I think a lot of it goes back to the attitude era, the time when everything wasn’t PG.It feels good to me as a Diva to be successful in what traditionally has been a man’s world, not just as an African-American but as a woman, period. You see the life, even the glitz and glam, but also the struggle.I feel like Cameron and I are doing a very good job with sending a message that we are positive, strong, and very talented women. Being in a competitive environment and just seeing— no matter where you come from or what your race are— there are only a few spots.From there I got a tryout and I've been here ever since. I want to be like that.' EBONY.com: And what about you, Ariane? There was a Diva search back in 2011 and I went to that, and from there I did Tough Enough.(kid 1): Wow, so the first time you saw wrestling it just excited you? Tough Enough is a WWE reality show where you pretty much do all of these obstacles to get a contract. Sadly I was the first eliminated but that just pushed me more. EBONY.com: Growing up for me it was all about the WWF–and I don't recall popular Black wrestlers at all, let alone women.I just knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of.