Wow armory character not updating

28-Jul-2020 11:51 by 4 Comments

Wow armory character not updating

Of course, you’ll also see Achievements you haven’t yet earned, so you can plan your play time to up that precious point count.

We have to wait for Blizzard to fix this, it isn’t something we can do. One way to jumpstart the API again is to login to Wo W.

Hello, Armory is not updating my character, Gehn, for more than a day for me now.

However, interestingly all my information is updated on wowprogress and

* Collect the gold earned from a successful auction or reclaim the gold from an unsuccessful bid.

Remote Guild Chat * Participate in guild chat and officer chat.

* Initiate one-on-one conversations with fellow guild members.

For more information, visit the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory website at World of Warcraft is a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U. That way we can keep everything working beautifully.Let us know your favorite changes, as well as ideas for additional features in the comments. Post feedback about the app in our forums: Airtime or Wi-Fi connection is required for use. Please note that you must have a World of Warcraft account or Blizzard account to log in to and use this application. The color on the bars shows completion level, with green showing you’ve slain every boss in the instance. That time you had to kill 500 of each race for the Nemesis quests will make that kill count look very juicy indeed. Refresh the Profile page and your character will be waiting for you (this may take a few minutes).

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