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Park Boyoung play her role so well as main character, Park Hyungsik adds well to plot as well as CEO of gaming company Ainsoft, and Jisoo what is there not to like about him, handsome af, and very charming. This drama is super fun, one of best JTBC drama of 2017 for sure. It’s funny and cute but I find it boring on some part. I think you will like it if you want story with less complication and something corny.. i want to see other serie, whith the same couple, Park Hyung Sik, and Park Bo Young, im from Mexico.This has to be the funniest, stress-relieving, cutest..i don't kdrama I've ever watched?

He has recently received anonymous threats and even followed by an unknown person.

Of course, the historical martial arts undercurrent shows itself in unexpected places, and adds a rich contrast to the modern sets/plots/action.

I find that the Korean programs are my favorite, and those from China second; both display an emerging modernity in dealing with moral issues, while maintaining such a strong, historical respect for country, family, and other persons.

It felt so real that I can't help but smile like an idiot most of the time! I still can't move on that I watch it again for the 2nd time,watching all the BTS, and listening to the OST and the cycle continues....

One of the funniest, satisfying series I’ve watched.

I have become nearly addicted to the Korean and Chinese movies/shows-they seem to have heavier substance than those in the US.

I am particularly interested in the South Korean/North Korean divide: how do these people live with any sense of peace when Kim Jung-Il is so determined to destroy half the world?

Before I watched SWDBS, i thought a number of other dramas are the best ?

But honestly.most people say, PHS and PBY had an amazing chemistry.

Min-Hyuk believes Bong-Soon would make a great bodyguard with her amazing strength.

Besides offering Bong-Soon high pay, he even offers her the chance of working in the planning department of his gaming company if she does well.

I am truly impressed by the skill of the younger actors (20-40s) in interpreting their characters, and the plot-how do they do it?