Whos dating hwo

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Whos dating hwo

In a similar vein, offering your friend a lift when they’re planning to go out can be the difference between success and failure.When I was finding it hard to get out of the house, a friend would pick me up and drive me to our weekly Bible study meeting – otherwise I wouldn’t go.

No matter what you say to your friend, they’ll be convinced that they’re a burden and that you’d rather be anywhere than with them.

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When I’m unwell, my world becomes smaller as I isolate myself from other people.

I lurk in the corner of the school playground, praying that no one will talk to me. I sit at the back in church on a Sunday, and disappear as soon as the service finishes rather than staying for coffee. Depression makes socialising feel virtually impossible. Pasting a smile onto my face and engaging in conversation demands energy that I simply don’t have.

Along the same lines, a thoughtful card with a meaningful message will go a long way in reassuring your friend that you’re thinking of them.

I still have the many cards I was sent in my bedside drawers, and read them when my spirits need lifting.

Be realistic about what your friend can manage; going for a meal or out drinking will probably be too much.

But a walk to the park or a trip to a quiet corner of a coffee shop could be a small but manageable step that lifts their sense of isolation.

There’s a sense of security in not having to walk into a room alone.

A bit of gentle persuasion may coax your friend to leave the house, but don’t push it too hard.

At the same time, I feel desperately lonely but I can’t reach out and tell someone how I feel because I hate to be a burden.

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