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The news caused Knight to collapse in the courthouse, and he was later rushed to a prison hospital for observation.

Knight and three suspects allegedly beat a man in his own yard.

One suspect pointed a gun at the victim’s head as a “warning” before hitting him with it.

The imposing former defensive end may not have dangled Vanilla Ice off a balcony in the ‘90s to make him sign away the rights to the pop hit “Ice Ice Baby,” but Friday’s nearly 300-page motion submitted by Deputy Dist. Here are some of the motion’s highlights that allegedly justified that million bail.

It should be noted that the alleged incidents contained in the DA’s motion are merely reported allegations, and that no charges were brought against Knight in the below cases.2004A man described as Knight’s bodyguard became involved in a verbal dispute with a woman outside a party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.

Under Knight’s instructions to “fucking punch her ass,” the bodyguard allegedly punched the woman in her left eye with a closed fist.

Knight reportedly gave conflicting reports to police about his involvement and proximity to the altercation.2005After a process server served Knight with legal papers, Knight allegedly threatened a victim via phone saying, “I’ll send someone over to fuck with your wife.”Knight made numerous phone calls to a Las Vegas area woman threatening to show up at her house “and deal with her and her husband in a violent way.”After filing a report against Knight for making criminal threats, a victim was visited at his business by Knight and two companions, where Knight allegedly directly ignored a restraining order, telling the victim “I’m going to fuck you up,” and threatened to go to the victim’s home “with his boys.”2006Straight from the court docs: “Knight confronted Victim 5 at a bus stop.

They beat him and stole his necklace and watch, then returned while the man was in the hospital to warn his wife, “How is your man, you better not call the police, Suge wants to work this out, what happened earlier was only a message.

If I wanted him to, he could have killed your man, we also don’t want anything to happen to your kid.”Previous victim found himself at a gas station later when Knight allegedly rolled up, pointed a gun at him, and said, “I hope your bitch ass ain’t thinking about going to court on me…

Knight’s attorney Matt Fletcher became perhaps the first lawyer ever to invoke the “Empire Defense,” accusing the prosecutor of being unduly influenced by the Fox television series. Dre and Ice Cube over the upcoming film Straight Outta Compton.

“It’s like she watches Empire and comes in and says, ‘He was an unrepentant and shameless criminal. But according to prosecutors determined to keep the murder suspect behind bars, the former Death Row Records mogul, who already has two strikes under his belt, makes Lucious Lyon look like Carl Winslow. The upcoming Universal biopic is what allegedly brought Knight to Compton’s Tam’s Burgers on January 29, where he claims he was ambushed by gunmen before gunning his red SUV truck into two men, one of whom died on the scene.

Knight threatened, “I am going to get a hundred niggers to come down and mess you up if you don’t give me my money,” according to the report.

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