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I was the one who started doing the back-flips in the gym, but now I let Naz get on with that kind of thing."Naz and me used to talk a lot when we were boys about what we were going to win, but I suppose I didn't really start to believe it was going to happen for me until I won my first national title, when I was about 15. You could see him getting better and better every year, so we were all prepared for what happened to him.

Loyd, better known to fans of the Bubba The Love Sponge Show as on-air personality “Spice Boy,” has been accused of stealing multiple sex DVDs from Bubba’s office and selling them off to celebrity-gossip website TMZ.The only worry was the similarity in our styles - fighting Paul was like fighting my shadow.It wasn't that I'd modelled myself on him or on Herol or anyone else.The first was that he was boxing for the World Boxing Organisation Inter-Continental light-middleweight title two days later (he knocked out Lindon Scarlett in 91 seconds) and the other was that there would not be any women there, since the club, marching determinedly away from the millennium, refuse to admit them to any of their functions.Brendan Ingle, Rhodes's manager, collected the award on his behalf, and in his acceptance speech rightly rebuked the club for its archaic attitude.He's a big lad [5ft 11in] and he's moving up the weights all the time.

[The dazzling Californian took Pernell Whitaker's WBC welterweight title last weekend, having already won world titles at super-featherweight, lightweight and light-welter.] I don't think of myself in terms of him yet, but I'm getting there." Having spent 14 years in the gym embellished with a sign reading "Warning: Boxing Can Damage Your Health", Rhodes is fully aware of the risks of his trade.

Rhodes has all the qualities needed to be a bimbo-magnet: a good-looking 20-year-old who is the youngest British champion for nearly 20 years, he has the glamour and charisma to secure a future as golden as that of his long-time friend Naseem Hamed.

He has enjoyed a meteoric rise, capturing a Lonsdale Belt in record time (90 days) after winning the British title by knocking out the former WBO champion Paul Jones, once his stablemate in the Ingle camp. "I never had any doubts that I'd be a champion, but it's all happened so quick.

"But there's no danger of me getting carried away with my success.

Everybody says I haven't changed, that I'm not big-headed.

"He told her to bring me to the gym the next day, and I loved it," Rhodes says.

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