Who is rainie yang dating

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Who is rainie yang dating - Chathurika fake nude photo

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However, eagle-eyed netizens spotted the photo and suspected if the duo is dating.After they finished purchasing the item, they held hands again to shop for clothes.Rainie’s agency has responded, “This is an artiste’s privacy. Thank you for your concern.” Ronghao’s agency also declined to respond. Rainie Yang and singer Li Ronghao were found to be dating at the beginning of 2015.Both of them continued to convey their love for each other on Weibo despite working in different countries frequently, reported Asian E-News Portal. Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang, 32, was recently spotted having a date in Kyoto, Japan with her boyfriend, Chinese singer Li Ronghao.

The couple was photographed by a fan on the streets, who shared the picture online and wrote, “Please forgive me for taking pictures secretly, you two were so sweet.”However, observant netizens pointed out that the couple were not having a romantic date and was, in fact, accompanied by a friend, Taiwanese actor Chin King, who was walking by their side.

Rainie and Ronghao’s agencies have since dismissed the relationship and clarified that they are “only friends”. Reproduction or reposting this article on other websites is STRICTLY prohibited.

Rainie Yang and Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao were caught holidaying in Tokyo!

Are Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang(楊丞琳) and Mainland China singer Li Rong Hao(李榮浩) currently dating?

Last month, Li Rong Hao said he was currently single during an interview.

However, it is rumored the two started getting involved with each other at the end of last year.