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Antonio admits he’s leery of relationships because “I’ve been unlucky in love. I’m always good to the women in my life so it’s easy for them to take advantage of me.” Antonio also has to be on the alert for female fans who stalk him. They learn what hotels I’m staying at and try to get up to my room.The scariest time was when I got a call at 1 am and the women told me she was on a cellular phone just outside my hotel room door. I had to call security to have her removed.” Antonio models to pay the bills but his real goal is acting.

Isn’t he supposed to be comfortable wearing nice clothes?Antonio played Jack (Jagger) Cates on General Hospital for two years.He also starred in Steven Spielberg’s short-lived TV series called Earth 2.“He was a bit embarrassed about it all, like, ‘What are you talking to me for? “He never saw himself as being a star and I don’t think he does now.” In fact, Fimmel was self-conscious as a youngster.“He was small, the little guy,” says his mother, “so it doesn’t suit his character at all to make a big deal about his looks.Big has become the instant talk of the town and the stirring up of the controvercies.

Some countries dediced to ban the ads, reasoning that it is sexually suggestive and demeaning to men.

However, this didn’t prevent this traffic stopper being noticed by American public, and even the celebrities.

Meg Ryanfirst spotted the blonde Aussie on a giant billboard on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

“I could have been a regular on Melrose Place but I chose just to do a cameo. Melrose Place came along right after Earth 2 was cancelled. We all thought with Steven Spielberg at the helm, Earth 2 was going to be a mega-hit.” says Antonio.

“I’d have been much further ahead if I’d spoken English when I came to America 12 years ago.” explains Sabato.

His stint in the show contributed much to his growing popularity.

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    The French are known for being snooty, and yet this guy takes that into consideration and pokes fun at it.