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My dad didn’t live with me when I was growing up, and he missed so much.I am not going to repeat that.” The PCW Ultra show, which is available on FITE TV, also features Brian Cage, Fenix, Jimmy Jacobs, and the “Bad Boy” Joey Janela.

“Penta is such a huge fan of the Great Muta, and he’s almost the Mexican version of Muta,” said Cabibbo.

“When Tyson fought Holyfield in June of ‘97, Nitro was in Vegas two nights later and Tyson had agreed to appear on WCW television as a special guest of the NWO,” said Thompson.

“Then he bit Holyfield’s f------ ear, and WCW didn’t have Tyson.

“The ‘Three Faces of Foley’ are all in the Rumble, and we’ve seen better days but this is near the end for the Legion of Doom.

The New Age Outlaws are on the upswing, and there was almost a UFC fight with Ken Shamrock, but the big story is dissecting the Shawn Michaels injury.” Michaels suffered a back injury in his Royal Rumble casket match against The Undertaker that helped lead to retirement only a few months later.

• Francis Ngannou plans to knock out Brock Lesnar after he does the same to UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

Ngannou challenges Miocic at UFC 220 this Saturday at the TD Garden in Boston, and noted that he will relish the opportunity to defend the title against Lesnar after he dethrones Micocic. “I don’t even know if Brock Lesnar will ever be back to MMA.“I love the WWE, I love the company, but I have two kids and they want me home,” said Henry.“They want me to see their recitals and sporting events, and I want to see them grow and evolve.“Bruce and I theorize that a big part of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s rise is from working with Mike Tyson, but what if Tyson never bit Evander Holyfield’s ear?” Thompson added some fascinating pieces of information regarding Tyson and the WWE.“Shawn was pretty difficult to deal with, including starting riots at house shows in Arkansas and Memphis, and we cover those riots, really for the first time, where tear gas was used at WWE house shows.