Who is jerry cantrell dating

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Who is jerry cantrell dating - interracial dating in the usa

Come back next week for the best breakup songs of the '00s, and let us know what we missed in the comments. You're going to get through this, and to help with that, here's a Spotify playlist of this week's list, and here are the greatest breakup songs of the '60s, the '70s, and the '80s. ), but this is one of the best, a barroom epic about the end of a suffocating relationship.It builds from a lulled beginning to an explosive, cathartic end: "I don't want to die with you, or live in the same dark room…

Lyrics like "kill yourself to never ever stop" remind us of how badly you're willing to make sacrifices to keep your love close to you, while Thom Yorke's teetering-on-the-verge-of-madness voice invites you to recognize your own bad choices. Weezer, "Butterfly" (1996) ### Closing out a near-perfect album of guilt and angst, "Butterfly" is a devastating story about the guilt of being unable to commit.

I know the secret of your soul, and I just don't want to know." 24.

Aimee Mann, "Amateur" (1997) ### Over a carnivalesque instrumental track, Mann sings about hoping against reason to find something better in a person (and by extension, their relationship) than there actually is.

And most importantly, this track teaches us an important life lesson: never trust a big butt and smile. Alice in Chains, "Heaven Beside You" (1995) ### Sung by Jerry Cantrell instead of Layne Staley, "Heaven Beside You" concerns the breakup of Cantrell's seven-year relationship, and it sandwiches perfectly between AIC's two primary moods: bleak and less stomping than the rest of Alice in Chains' catalog.

But the band's signature elements (CSNY-on-downers harmonies and epic guitar solos) are fully intact, making this the kind of breakup song acceptable to self-loathing metal dudes the world over. Mariah Carey, "Heartbreaker" (1999) ### Not all breakup songs have to feature sadness and acoustic guitars.

Whatever she did that warrants being called a "bitch" over and over must've been bad.

Let's just hope he finally got his black t-shirt back. No Doubt, "Don't Speak" (1996) ### Originally a celebration of love between Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal, "Don't Speak" was later rewritten to reflect their breakup.

I tend to think it's just about a toxic kinda woman, but what really matters is that this song stands the test of time.

The scratched record and beat are as catchy now as they were then.

Articulating disappointment, but forgoing bitterness, Mann acknowledges her own blind spot: "I thought you'd be better, but I've been wrong before." 23.

Guns N' Roses, "November Rain" (1992) ### It's possible that no one since Axl Rose has written a breakup song this grandiose. There is also no human experience more grandiose, on the inside, than a breakup.

Sometimes, getting over a breakup can be as simple as listening to Jay-Z's incessant commands to "Bounce to this" and letting yourself get lost in Mariah Carey's sex-kitten delivery. Boyz II Men, "End of the Road" (1992) ### Anyone else remember swaying slowly to this at middle-school dances? It's a quintessential goodbye song — but can't we have just one more dance? Green Day, "When I Come Around" (1994) ### Green Day's success probably had as much to do with their rhythm section as with anything else (hooks, cuteness).