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See our Shipping/Packaging Page for more information about Quick Build Kit shipping.Nobody can deny that every pilot’s fantasy is to own and fly a jet!

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Sub Sonex is all about taking a thrilling rocket ride around the neighborhood!If youve ever dreamed of owning a personal jet, now is the time!The Sub Sonex extends the Sonex Aircraft 'Reality Check' philosophy to become the first truly practical and affordable personal jet for recreational flying.The Sub Sonex customer will install the easily removable outboard wing panels, engine and fuel system, bolt-in the retractable landing gear, install avionics, electrical systems and controls, install the pre-molded fiberglass components and upholstery (sold separately), and add paint.Under Experimental Exhibition category regulations, Sub Sonex customers will also have the freedom to take advantage of builder assist centers or aircraft finishing services to do the work for them!The Sub Sonex Personal Jet concept was first unveiled at Air Venture in 2009.

After successful pairing with the PBS TJ-100 engine, the Sub Sonex JSX-1 prototype achieved first flight in August 2011 and completed a successful flight test program in 2012.Pilots without previous jet experience can also qualify via the Desert Aerospace Bonus Jet training program.Check-out the Sub Sonex Transition Training Webinar!, the title character from the early 90s series that introduced audiences to Will Smith’s adventures with the Banks Family, many, many short jokes, and, of course, the Carlton Dance. "The dance is ultimately Courteney Cox in the Bruce Springsteen video ' Dancing in the Dark.'” he said. Ribeiro recently appeared on the 19th season of Carlton Dance, which he invented.The EAB Kit will include all featured mentioned above, however, customers will need to construct the aircraft tail and control surfaces to meet EAB eligibility.