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After playing Nicole consistently since 1998, Zucker left the show in 2006, but wound up returning to Salem two years later.She's since garnered three Daytime Emmy nominations for the role: the first in 2010, its follow-up in 2013 and the final one the following year.

I realize that Days has a smaller budget nowadays and may not be able to afford to hire a full-time actor to be JJ's therapist, but surely there was a better, more realistic way to handle this that would have given viewers some sense of JJ's struggle to regain mental health.

They have one child, a seven-year-old daughter named Isabella.

When Trump's notorious Access Hollywood hot mic tape leaked during his election campaign last autumn, Zucker could be seen at the end of the video. I don’t even wait.'Zucker later approached the two men, not having heard their remarks about her, and said: 'Hello, Mr Trump, pleasure to meet you.'Coincidentally enough, Trump was preparing to film an appearance he was making with Zucker in character as Nicole.

Eric Brady is a fictional character from the NBC Daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Greg Vaughan from 2012 until his exit in 2016.

Vaughan reprised the role in January 2017, following a discussion between him and executives at Days of Our Lives.

I've been hungering for the story of JJ facing and conquering his mental health issues in therapy since 2013, and this would have been the perfect time to have such a story.

It would have been dramatic and interesting, given Casey Moss even more meaty material to work with, and had ripple effects through JJ's family as the changes his therapist encouraged JJ to make affected his loved ones and forced them, too, to face the role they played in JJ's problems. JJ used to ask Daniel for help when Daniel was the one who was Jennifer's quasi-boyfriend, leading Jennifer to resent the fact that she was out of the loop with her son.

He then admitted Theo committed a crime and let Hope decide what to do about it. I cried when Theo opened his eyes even though I knew it was coming from spoiler videos, and I was glad to hear Abe admit that he had been far too hard on JJ and that he was aware that JJ had not purposely harmed his son. Abe, Eli, and Chad were all of the opinion that JJ shot first and asked questions later even though none of them were at the scene, and they all tried to convince others in town to turn against JJ too.

Abe didn't just insist JJ should be held accountable for the shooting, either.

He called him a criminal, accused him of visiting Theo's room in order to finish murdering him, and threatened to investigate privately to force the DA to press charges against JJ.

All of that leaves scars, and even though JJ wanted Abe's forgiveness, he and Jennifer should have a hard time trusting that it's genuine after the way Abe behaved.

Almost as soon as Theo woke up, the catfighting between Claire and Ciara over him intensified, mostly instigated by Ciara. but it turns out Theo doesn't want anything to do with me.