Who are the one direction members dating 2016

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Who are the one direction members dating 2016

Their love made me think that love isn't easy thing .kyoung ho was more than awesome & all the cast were great .enjoyed it very much . i really loved the chemistry between the main leads esp before they started dating,,,,it was just so real up until e end....more happy ending indeed!!! If you're having second thoughts about giving this drama a watch because of the ratings and also the very poor hype, then I'll definitely tell you to give it a chance. Because I wasn't even looking in the direction of this drama but thought of giving the first episode a chance and omg! I'll give it a chance because Hang Na Ra you won my heart in this drama :) I agree with the majority of the comments, this drama is very entertaining! There were adorable stuff, but nothing was really going on and felt like a waste of time.wooooooow this drama is just the best up until the last second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it to the extent of watching it in a two day marathon! I love how they played between the supposed-maturity and immaturity of the characters, their struggles, and the comedy despite the craziness :) Jang Na-Ra is great as per usual :) I watched her last three dramas and although "Hello Monster" is my personal favorite, she has more chemistry with Jung Kyoung-Ho here :) And it's my first Kdrama to see her all dolled up in almost every scene - hair extensions, heels, and all that :) The three other girl leads are amazing as well. Really, if you like romance and relationships maybe this is for you. never thought that i was already laughing out loud. i find underrated kdramas watchable compare to those dramas having high viewership. OMHE aired against Remember: War of the Son which garnered 23% of the viewership, so this drama never had a chance in the ratings.

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Sometimes I wish that dramas would stop being about who should belong with who or not, but about what relationships bring us and how people grow with it. Jung kyoung ho is so handsome and adorable great acting on showing his emotions of love to jang na ra!!! 2nd male lead is so handsome as well..kdrama is one of the most romantic i've seen!!!There are dramas and movies which leave in the viewers a beautiful and warm feeling after they end. Jang Na Ra is such a great actress, I really like she's in my top 10's favorite actress... for me the reason i like this drama the character both amazing, they deliverate as a good actor and actress as in natural act.think first before you comment.but I don't understand why I don't see any spark chemistry between her and Jung Kyung Ho in this drama, maybe I'm still hook of how Jung Kyung Ho showed his best on his 2015 previous drama "Falling For Innocence" he build up a better spark chemistry with his leading lady there actress Kim So Yeon. Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho are compatible, great natural chemistry into each other, seemed their own real life. The Mimo and Soo hyuk are ridiculously bad and so unethical in the 12th episode.I love this drama more than descendant of the sun.the crew are great at acting.them all.na ra is cute when she act like an inocent girl,like she act in Fate to love you..i hope she cast again wth jang hyuk..kdrama lovers from INDIA..whaiting!! I love them so much that I can't help but ship them in real life too! I recommend it to all my She Was Pretty fans and Oh My Venus fans and any romance fans, don't miss this supper funny, super cute couple fall in love and much more! Sorry I didn't like you that much in Falling for Innocence, but here you rocked it!Real amazing drama one of the best for sure It got stucked in my mind although I end it long ago. This is one of my all time favourite top Korean romances as yet with Marriage Not Dating couple. I'll never ever not watch a drama based on the actors anymore. It's making me shaking, crying, laughing, and many more. I love all the actors and the plot is amazing, you guys should watch this masterpiece haha While watching this drama, I felt that it was very dull.Song Soo-Hyuk and Goo Hae-Joon become involved with the women.

5/10 - Watch it for Jung Kyungho since he somehow always pick good dramas but this one is just terrible.

I love Jang Nara in Fated to Love You but I really cant stand her in here.

There's nothing more to say about this horrible drama -- the ratings says it all.

i'm already missing the actors, thumbs up for jung kyung ho's acting Story centers around Han Mi-Mo (Jang Na Ra), and the other three characters that we could consider as lead characters but their screen time is lesser than our real main character Han Mi-Mo. They have playful one, sad, heartbreaking, blissful music for different types of situations.

All in all, this is your heart warming and light drama about life and love of 30s.

Yeah, the first episodes were really funny and different but when it comes to the last 8 episodes, it seems like they're out of ideas.

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