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This is a large elegant tall pot and the unusual design is pleasing to the eye.The teapot body is in very good condition,with no damage at all --the lid has had a slither chip to the under edge put back,and is only noticeable if you look close.

Please refer to the end of this section for Gaudy Welsh Reference Book. I can't wait to get it into my other home and behind the glass lighted cupboard. Please ask for full description of this lovely item,and such a great age!! This is a lovely Swansea jug in excellent condition.

Introduction to Gaudy Welsh Gaudy Welsh first appeared in Staffordshire, England around the late 1820's.

The main colours chosen for decoration were Orange,(dark and light) greens and cobalt blue, in addition turquoise, yellow and pink were also used along with gold and pink lustre.

A couple of small firing flaws commensurate with 180 years old!!

For sale at £58 Excellent snowdon pattern large jug.

Swansea immediately followed suit and started to produce their own Gaudy Welsh.

It was made in the Cambrian pottery under Lewis Llewellyn Dillwyn and also at the South Wales pottery or Llanelly pottery which started production in 1839.The condition is excellent,with the most beautiful applied Pink Lustre,not rubbed at all. Lovely Swansea Cottage covered sugar bowl in the Tulip pattern that was always called Swansea Cottage in Wales.It dates from c1840's and is in very good condition.Gaudy Welsh adorned the much loved Welsh Dressers in cottages and farmhouses, and even today this is still the best way to display the wares. This item was made c1845,the shape is a very old style,and terrible rare to find in this beautiful clean condition. There is no damage at all,and no repairs of any kind.A huge amount was also shipped to the United States of America, where it was quickly adopted by the Welsh emigrants, who subsequently named most of the various patterns after the towns and areas in Wales that they had known and loved. It was made c1850 in Staffordshire,and would have been a large milk jug.The Tulip pattern has also been called the Welsh Daffodil, and the Oyster pattern the Smoking Indian.