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His ppo is very happy with him and classes him as a very low risk.

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Hi there, I have joined this forum to seek some advice.The GP later explained he was asked to make a video while he was in "a heightened state of vulnerability" as he looked through a host of medical legal emails, a disciplinary panel heard.Elizabeth Dudley-Jones, counsel for the General Medical Council (GMC), said police discovered the file on the hard drive of his personal laptop after practice bosses raised concerns about the incident on New Year's Eve 2010.University students are earning up to £150 a day as webcam sex workers to fund their studies with one woman agreeing to attack a man for hundreds of pounds, it has been revealed.A 21-year-old former University of Hill student has given an insight into the underground world of sex work in an anonymous interview with the Offering her services on a webcam site, she would act out viewer’s fantasies, with her earnings rising according to the number of users watching.Damian Smith, 37, recorded a computer video file entitled "Me In Surgery" which showed him masturbating at the request of a woman.

He performed the sex act shortly after seeing patients in morning surgery at the Peel Medical Centre on the Isle of Man.Luckily I haven’t met anyone yet from my actual uni,” she said. A doctor has admitted masturbating in front of a webcam in his consultation room.Miss Dudley-Jones said the proved facts of the case amounted to not only misconduct but serious misconduct. "There was no risk of staff, patients or children entering the room and being surprised by what they witnessed." He said it was an entirely private moment for the enjoyment of one other person.She said: "To put it simply, the public would not expect their GP to be masturbating in front of his desk while online." Alan Jenkins, for Dr Smith, said the doctor had performed the sex act for his girlfriend. Mr Jenkins conceded it was "unquestionably" misconduct but added there was no breach of trust and that Dr Smith accepted responsibility and a sense of shame to his colleagues from the outset. I have been with my partner for 8 years now and are currently expecting our first child. We in no way condone or justify his offence we both know how incredibly wrong it was but I have known from the start of our relationship and it's been tough but I know he is not a bad person and he has been through courses ect that have rebuilt him as a person.

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