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Going for the gusto may help ward off prostate cancer.Men who ejaculated frequently (at least 21 times a month) were less likely to get prostate cancer during one study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

It releases a hormone that helps raise your pain threshold. “We’ve found that vaginal stimulation can block chronic back and leg pain, and many women have told us that genital self-stimulation can reduce menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and in some cases even headache,” Komisaruk says.FESTIVAL HONOR Kate Bosworth will receive the founder’s award from the Richmond International Film Festival on behalf of her film “Nona,” which will play on the festival’s opening night on April 24.The founder’s award honors a filmmaker whose work champions stories of truths often untold or overlooked.If you'd like to support Open Culture and our mission, please consider making a donation to our site.It's hard to rely 100% on ads, and your contributions will help us provide the best free cultural and educational materials.I feel passionately that this is a story that desperately needs to be told … Nijkamp is repped by Jennifer Udden at Barry Goldblatt Literary. “It is an honor to be speaking at the Global Dialogue on Happiness, and sharing how our educational program Mind UP has helped children enjoy more happiness and emotional regulation in their early development,” Hawn said.

“I am looking forward to sharing valuable insights on the most important subject of our time.” Hawn started the Hawn Foundation in 2003 to remedy the stress and anxiety children were experiencing.You should still do all the other things that make your immune system happy, such as: Longing for a more lively sex life?“Having sex will make sex better and will improve your libido,” says Lauren Streicher, MD.Starting in ancient Egypt and continuing into present day, each image in this imaginative animation is a fleeting visual of the past." Elsewhere, the film has been described a bit more conceptually: Art history is a long tale which tells us what happened in the past, but cannot tell us where new opportunities lie.Waiting, like art itself, is an absurdity, some kind of eternal behaviour with no purpose and no ending.It seeks to recognize artists on the frontlines, creating necessary yet artful thought and dialogue in their work.

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