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Further, one Slatester reported that it left a sticky residue on her camera at first, though that effect faded in time, even as the tape itself remained adhesive.Painter’s tape: Designed to go on even and come off clean, painter’s tape—Oremus’ favored option—just edges out duct tape. What’s more, the classic blue shade may be even more unpleasantly inelegant atop monitors.

Like painter’s tape, it peels off easily, but unlike that more industrial material, it comes in a wide array of shades, prints, and other colorful designs.My testing suggested that nothing’s going to get through, but its pragmatic qualities are arguably surpassed by its ugliness.In that regard, it’s probably the closest equivalent to a tinfoil hat on this list.It’s a charming method, then, but maybe not the Invisible tape: While you would think that a translucent barrier would be ineffective, the invisible tape I put over my computer’s camera actually obscured the resulting image better than the more colorful sticker I tried, though a faint outline was still visible.Significantly, the tape also largely disappeared against my computer’s frame, while still making it easy to tell when the camera’s activity light was on, making it an ideal option for paranoiacs who don’t want to publicize their paranoia, but want to know when they should be paranoid.Los emoticones también los puedes combinar con otros efectos para diversión al doble. Mejora tus fotos de webcam usando una gama de tamaños y colores de pinceles, o intenta dibujar estilo libre usando tus dedos dsobre la pantalla táctil.

Con preajustes de foto modifica fácil y rápido el tono y ambiente de tus fotos.

Covering your camera may make you look paranoid, but webcam snooping is very real, especially for powerful figures like Zuckerberg.

Back in 2013, Tyler Lopez made just such a case in Future Tense, writing, “almost anyone—from foreign governments to the creepy teenager down the street—could be recording you while you sit at your computer.” The following year, documents leaked by Edward Snowden indicated that the NSA uses plug-ins to hijack cameras, information that surely informs Comey’s own decisions.

This week, FBI Director James Comey reaffirmed a position he’s expressed in the past, claiming that he covers his computer’s camera with tape.

“I think people ought to take responsibility for their own safety and security,” Comey proposed at a Center for Strategic and International Studies conference, according to the Comey’s not alone in that commitment: Mark Zuckerberg supposedly obscures his laptop’s camera as well, and as Will Oremus points out, he’s right to do so.

Here, however, is where I admit that even knowing all of that, I’ve never covered my own camera.

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