Was cameron diaz dating justin timberlake during bad teacher

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Was cameron diaz dating justin timberlake during bad teacher - updating your technology knowledge

” Despite their intimate onscreen time together, Justin said making the comedy with Cameron was all about the laughs.“We think the world of each other,” he said of his co-star and ex-girlfriend.

“It’s the least sexiest sex scene ever put on film,” she explained.Some of the results were classic films, some not-so-classic.If you see 'Bad Teacher' this weekend, come back and let us know which camp you think the Diaz-Timberlake reunion belongs in.In March of 2011, they announced they were parting ways."The two remain friends and continue to hold the highest level of love and respect for each other," they said.“It’s a stunt, I mean, let’s just call it what it is…

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New York Post, Diaz "blew up" at Biel for flirting with Timberlake.

She then stormed out of the bash, with Timberlake following in close pursuit.

The pair have not commented on the Us report and there are no immediate details about a wedding.

This weekend, when moviegoers watch slatternly educator Cameron Diaz try to seduce wealthy, nerdy substitute Justin Timberlake in the comedy 'Bad Teacher,' a lot of those viewers will be looking for a little extra spark of tension.

“It was perfect, it was the perfect thing for both of us to have fun with.” The 38-year-old actress said she wasn’t worried about working with Justin knowing that the humor of the movie would come first. “We’ve decided that we pretty much both will do anything for comedy and for a laugh, so we created some fun stuff for this film.” “Bad Teacher” hits theaters this Friday.

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