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Hidden amidst Australian bush land with stunning views overlooking Sydney Harbour, Q Station offers stylish accommodation, interactive tours and group activities, restaurants and an ideal location for weddings, events and conferences. Experience the magic of Sydney Harbour from the privacy of your own room.

This paper presents a meta-analysis of 689 luminescence age estimates of Australian desert sand dunes.You’ll see undersea cliffs teeming with marine life.Discover an amazing underwater world when diving and snorkelling in Shellharbour, on the NSW South Coast.A more complete understanding of dunefield response to Quaternary climates would require an intensive and structured dating program to overcome the ‘noise’ from stochastic processes leading to small-scale activity in these dunes and the simultaneous removal of parts of the sedimentary record.Seeking a place to stay in Regional NSW - or simply want to known that there's a good hotel or motel where you can break your journey along the way?In this sheltered bay are undersea cliffs shaped like an amphitheatre.

Hundreds of small crevices in the cliffs are homes for diverse marine life, including fish and sea urchins.During the LGM, most, but not all, Mallee longitudinal dunes were accumulating more rapidly than before and after.In the Strzelecki dunefield source-bordering (SBD) longitudinal dune TL ( = 21 ages) were only active above background levels during the LGM.Join Shellharbour Scuba Centre or Windang Dive on diving tours in this marine sanctuary, within easy reach from Sydney.Other wonderful dive sites around Bass Point include The Gutter, Blue Devil Cave, The Gravel Loader, The Arch and The Hole in the Wall.This analysis had two aims: to examine the hypothesis that Quaternary climate changes have forced dune accumulation, and to understand longitudinal dune behaviour from the age-architecture of sand dunes for which stratigraphic information is often absent or poorly known.

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