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The black fabric on the reverse side is a black cotton voile (light and lovely to work with) I bought in bulk when on sale of course 😉 I almost forgot to mention that I designed the neckline so that it would be low enough for the top to slip over my head (no fastenings or zippers needed) I thought of drafting a facing for this top.Facings do make for quicker sewing but I figured since the top was so small I would go all out and just line it (more time consuming but a better finish).

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When my mum gave me this textile I was overjoyed- however my plan to go ahead and use my favorite fabric (rather than leaving it hiding in the stash forever) almost backfired with this project- more on that later!

The dress is a loose boxy style that has the big advantage of a skirt portion that is only slightly flared- meaning I had just enough fabric for the dress.

I don’t know how flattering this style is on me and I think that is where I ran into trouble…

I got some good pictures of my (sewing) process so i’ll show instead of tell… Don’t be surprised if I make, like, a billion iterations in different prints and colours.

I have already cut out the 3 (linings included) 😉 …How could I resist this pattern when it’s named after a city I desperately want to visit?! This was my first time using a Tessuti pattern and it will NOT be my last!

After I had sewn the shoulder seams together and added the facings I felt very very excited about the dress BUT…

I felt that the last time I used this pattern it was a smidgen too tight and I wanted a relaxed fit (so I sewed with 1cm rather than 1.5cm seam allowance)- Anyway because the dress was so boxy I felt as though I had to shorten the dress A LOT to make it work.Anyway I had a muslin/toile lying around from a past project (), so I thought, (to make things easier) why not adapt this pattern by marking and cutting up this toile that I already have?!Then it was quick and easy to check the length and create a new neckline (by cutting directly into the toile).The fabric I used has been in my stash for so long that I only have a faint memory of buying it.I’m pretty sure it came from a spotlight sale table.It drapes well and feels lovely to wear and I’d hazard a guess that it’s rayon and/or cotton.

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