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but when i finally get him on my finger he doesnt like to stay … Somebody is home most of the time but the store strongly suggests these parrots … Today she is twice her normal size and she is sleeping a lot. Mini Macaw poops down the front bars of his cage - Help?

Young Male Cockatiel Seems Not to Know How to Mate Hi, Our 9-month old male lives with our 18-year old female. Help I have a 4 year old male coffin who started plucking almost 2 years ago. But i want to know how many times a day i should hand feed him like a time schedule.. Can baby conures be disformed by their parents when stressed? I left home for four days for family and I didn't want to take my birds with me because they had just had … please help:) My indian ringneck is 8 weeks old we got him/her 2 weeks ago we are still giving him/her the handraising mix 3-4 times a day..was very quiet at first, … 5 Mo old Congo African Grey (genetic red mutation) I just bought my Congo yesterday from the aviary. (they dont sell them unless weaned and perched) He's got allot of red scalloping …green cheek conure has two different colored feet Hi there - My greencheek conure has two different colored feet. I have two ring-necked parrots - one male and the other female. Not losing his feathers and nibbling feathers Why is my precious minny Macaw Pariot Not losing even one of his feathers for at least 5 Months but nibbling off the patrs of his feathers when he preens. Kaytee Exact taken off the shelves what else can I feed them My conures had 3 babies, the mother died almost 2 wks ago,the father was feeding them, but today we notice that he was not getting into the nest, since … I have a 1.5 year old male rainbow lorikeet (Toby), he was hand reared and we got him when he was 9 weeks. Help, I dont know what to do with my green cheek conure I bought a green cheek conure who was really friendly when I first got him. I bought her so my male parakeet would have a friend with whom he can play with. And in India they dont give you exact age of the bird when …He let us pick him up and hold him, but recently, he became very mean. Cinnamon rainbow lorikeet loves seed but can't digest it The lady at the pet shop where I got him from said he can't eat seeds because the break the feathers on his tongue and he can't digest it but he always … Why does my mini severe yellow collared macaw peck me?How many babies dos a blue-crowned hanging parrot have?How many babies does a blue-crowned hanging parrot have?Helping our gcc through loss of his flock mate We recently bought two young green cheek conures (9 and 7 months old) from the pet store who came from the same breeder. i just got a new parrotlet two days ago and i dont think he likes me he is Four months old. Will a Sulpher crested cockatto get along with a Swainson Toucan?

he doesnt like when i get him out of his cage he runs away from me. I am looking into purchasing a conure or a Quaker parrot as a companion. We currently have a Sulpher Crested Cockatoo, and thinking of adopting a Swainson Toucan, and was wondering if they would get along in the same house. My female Zebra Finch is all puffed up and sleepy My Female Finch was fine yesterday, she has been laying eggs over the last week.Why has my four year old cockatiel suddenly started a short sharp consistant chirp.? Her cage is just a bed a has free run of the house though is never far from me. I can study at home, online, and absolutely no money. why does my B&G macaw act crazy when my girlfriend comes around? can i house a sulfur crested cockatoo and an indian ring neck in the same cage i have a male sulfur crested cockatoo not sure of age but not old around the 2yr mark and we also have an indian ring neck around 6months old they are … About alaxandrian parrote and african gray parrote breeding and talking info Hi, i visited your nice web site marvelous plz let me know i'm waiting anxiously 1- In what age Alaxandrian parrote start breeding? dyh amazon ,red and swollen inbetween nares should this be a concern? housing two green cheek conures in the same cage I am purchasing two conjures from the same hatching. We are not sure if he is choking or having trouble breathing. He wont come out of the cage - wont go back in and he is nippy I bought an untamed Quaker a month ago. In this month I can now put my hand in the cage and he does not bite me. In this month I take him to the bathroom make him come out of the cage then he will step up … It's like a snotty residue and doesn't really seem herself! my parrot is geting cold and doesnt wanna eat anything my parrot murphy don't want to eat anything since yesterday he just sits on one place open his mouth and doesn't move around as usual and has aproblem … Hi there, I have two lorikeets, the female hasn't stop scraching and trimming her feather and skin(? Should I clean the nest box and remove a bad egg, while babies are still weaning? Green Cheeck Conure - White ring around eyes getting red. Every once in awhile, my Goffin, Kenja gets these jerky neck movements. I will take him out and let him walk around the house and do they need much …When ever my girlfriend comes to visit me my B&G macaw gets extremely agressive with me. she is in a large birdroom with greys and a macaw and goffin,tiels....wondering if it could be dust,we do have a air purifier … One is a yellow sided green cheek and the other is cinnamon. Do the Indian Ring-necked parrots have a strong sense of smell? 12 year old female sunconoure smashing wholes in her eggs I have a 12 year old female sun conoure that has just started to lay eggs. African Grey Congo 20 years old stange behavior For the last 2 days my African Grey has been flapping his wings and going back and forth up and down on his playpen (not in a cage) he is also beeping … I have a pair of green cheek conures and we were originally not expecting them to have babies so there was only a small cloth in the cage. Rainbow Lorikeet has turned on me after a year of no problems!! i have a pair of budgie, the female budgie has been going inside the nest for last 10/15 days but shes not laying eggs.. My green cheeck conure I noticed is geting red spots in the white rings around his eyes. At what age should i start the training of my Alex. I have bought an alexandrine parakeet 1 week before.also i am still feeding him formula and he is only letting me feed him twice or three … Today I saw one parakeet was sitting in its pot and not moving. Female Eclectus Parrot Orange Feather Discoloration Our 3-year-old Female Grand Eclectus parrot is beginning to show small patches of feather discoloration: orange on the red areas of her head and neck, … my baby rainbow lorikeet keeps squawking abnormally i've gotten a baby rainbow lorikeet not long ago and he/she was perfectly fine, but now its not eating properly and doesnt stop squawking even if its shoved … How big does a blue and gold macaws cage have have to be.25 yr old yellow nape amazon starting to bite Have had Punky for 25 years. He recently decided he does not like my hair down because he goes crazy and slams the bars … The more I feed and care for them, the more wild birds i see and hear, the more I want to know. How long is it okay for a pacific parrotlet to be by themselves? All of my life I have lived on a farm and had dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, horses, you name it, and I've … I never put the small bells in his cage but most of his toys have medium sized bells on them and he shakes them around … Please help I took my bird Tinkerbelle to the vet on 4-25 because he was shivering he does quake like a quaker but this was different. my parrot acts like it is choking or having trouble breathing Our 18 year old parrot has these attacks where you can hear him making a wheezing like sound. Bird bites going in the cage - out of the cage or if touched A month ago we bought a quaker parrot that was not tamed. My African grey looks weary and is bringing mucas up I've noticed tonight that my African grey is drinking lots of water and bringing mucas up after! I just adopted a BFA 30 yrs old and a 12 yr old mini mccall The Amazon attacks me,,, then the mccall will run after me ,,help,, I just adopted a BFA 30 yrs old and a 12 yr old mini mccall, apparently both were … Should I clean out the old wood chips and replace it with clean wood … What causes my Goffin to have jerking motions at times? Moluccan Cockatoo has a ring around one of his eyes This condition began months ago as a red eye lid, then it turned grey. I'm getting a tamed baby macaw and i don't know how big his cage should they have baby once a year once a month twice a year or something can you please tell me. distess and regugiatation after having nails cut and beak trimmed Took my yellow nape to same vet for a nail trim and beak trim, and this time, she cme back in the room and her feathers were kind of wet from sweat and … African Gray Small blood spots/blotches on both feet My African Gray has small blood spots around both his feet especially the back of his feet and some blood I between the scales of his feet. Why does my budgie's tail shake - its not wagging My budgie's tail shakes sometimes.