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I use a sunscreen everyday even if I am shooting indoors.

Also my makeup cleaning ritual is almost 20 minutes long, because I don’t let even a speck of makeup remain on my face before I go to sleep.How difficult is it for you to stick to your routine, considering your uneven working hours in the industry.It is a challenge to keep a disciplined fitness and diet regime while shooting for a daily show.Her popularity as the ‘gori mem’ or Anita bhabhi from &TV’s popular comedy serial Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!has made her one of Indian television’s biggest crowd pullers.I also take supplements to help my body cope with the toil it goes through everyday.

I take calcium and D3 supplement and a Vitamin B12 supplement since that I don’t drink milk and am a vegetarian so calcium and B12 support is needed.This helps me keep my system clean -- a clean stomach means good skin and a healthy body.I also drink coconut water daily as it replenishes minerals in the body and once again, it’s good for the skin and hair.I religiously use sunscreen lotion, an under-eye cream and a Vitamin C serum daily.I also try and exfoliate my face with lactic acid or glycolic acid face wash to cleanse clogged pores so that I don’t suffer from a breakout.I don’t follow any strict diet chart, but stick to a few thumb rules.