Validating the wsdl against the ws i basic profile

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Validating the wsdl against the ws i basic profile

The HTTP Analyzer is used to monitor and log running web services and you can use any WS-I conformant analyzer and test assertions (called the testing tools) to check conformance with the Basic Profile.In this document, you use the tools provided by WS-I.

ASMX 2.0 includes checks against all the BP rules to determine if your web service is compliant.

This is most likely to occur when you are running the service in the embedded OC4J.

Check that the port number is 8988 (in the WSDL file) before you start to run the TCP Packet Monitor.

For more information see JDeveloper online Help topic Proxy Settings and the HTTP Analyzer As above, you need to check your proxy settings.

Sometimes providers place restrictions on the number of rows that are returned by a Category search. Category searching is most effective when used for private UDDI instances.

JDeveloper provides tools that allow you to test the interoperability of web services by checking that the services conform to the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0.

WS-I analyzes web services for interoperability across three areas: A set of test assertions is used to test a web service for conformity across these areas.

Using JDeveloper a tested web service can be: This How To uses an Oracle J2EE web service as an example.

You can also generate an Apache SOAP web service and a JAX-RPC web service using the JAX-RPC extension available from OTN.

JDeveloper seamlessly integrates the testing of web services against WS-I Basic Profile 1.1.

You can test both the description and messages of services.

The original SOAP 1.1 and WSDL 1.1 specifications were very broadly defined and this has made interop a difficult goal.