Validating business rules

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We explicitly did not provide an overloaded constructor to omit these parameters, because we want to encourage the use of the parameters.We expect that application developers will create static Create Validation Context methods, simplifying the construction of the Validation Context. The great thing about all of this plumbing that we’ve done is that it actually makes your job for validating properties and objects very straight-forward.

Validator actually comes with some low-level building blocks as well as higher-level methods.

The namespace contained a bunch of attributes for applying validation rules to objects and their properties.

This utility would be used by the Silverlight Data Grid and Data Form controls when objects are edited or added.

All of this new stuff was created and released with Silverlight 3, but what about the desktop framework?

The good news is that all of this is provided for the desktop framework in 3 different ways: Between the two frameworks, there are still some casual differences, where we couldn’t make breaking changes to the desktop framework, but we wanted Silverlight to adopt the newer API more aggressively.

This interface has a single method for Validate that accepts the Validation Context (with the Object Instance set) and returns an IEnumerable.

This method allows you to have very dynamic validation on your entities.

For each of the following, the Try method is a bool that indicates whether or not validation was successful, with a collection of Validation Results being populated along the way.

The method without the Try prefix is a void, throwing a Validation Exception upon the first validation failure (or completing without exception when successful).

There was also one very noteworthy addition made only to the desktop version of Data Annotations.

We introduced an interface for IValidatable Object.

This approach could also be useful for entities have lots of cross-field validation that cannot easily be represented with attributes.

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