Validating an email address exists

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Validating an email address exists - updating your passport

All this and more with a copy of Email Checker Pro!

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Email Checker Pro - a powerful email address verification tool offering outstanding flexibility and speed Email campaigns still remain one of the most efficient methods of marketing products and services, as well as staying in touch with existing customers.

Except displays the results in a list view traditionally, Email Checker Pro also makes the visual statistics by counts and 3D pie chart.

The more visual is: the counts and 3D pie chart are updated in real time during checking email addresses.

Email Checker Pro is able to process a list of email addresses in batch mode.

All you need to do is import the list and press the 'Check' button.

I have a group of about 2000 emails that are updated yearly.

I just ran a test on 500 from last year and compared that to the failed ones from then that I had to handle manually (what a pain in the a** that is every year). - By Rich Kern Automatically Validate Hundreds of Emails in Batch If you do a lot of work that involves email addresses, you know how frustrating it is to send out an email blast, only to be met with multiple bounced messages!However, email lists are not constant - recipients come and go, change addresses and close their accounts all the time.This means that if you use newsletters as one of your marketing and sales channels and want to make sure that your messages go to valid and regularly used email addresses, you need a tool like Email Checker Pro!Email Checker Pro lets you verify the validity of multiple email addresses in batch mode, without the need to send a single thing.With Email Checker Pro, you can import and export huge lists of email addresses in CSV, TXT, and XLS format, then sit back as Email Checker Pro leverages the power of multithreading to validate anywhere from 500 to a whopping 1,000 addresses per minute!It took about 60 seconds and the results compared very favorably with my manual removal process). Each invalid email address represents lost time and effort on your part, but is there a quick way to find out if an address is valid, before you send anything out?

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