Validating a checkbox

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Validating a checkbox - consolidating all your

Regards, Daniel Telerik Hi, It will work as it is for radio buttons if the radio buttons value is set.

There are three validation techniques: validation can occur as you go (Change), when the text field loses focus (Blur) or when the form is submitted (Submit).

In other words, of the three checkboxes, you can only check one option and if you check more to receive an error? If it is a case where you only want to allow the user to choose one option out of a group, then you might want to use a Radio Group instead of a checkbox group.

If there is some other reason why you need those checkboxes to be conditional however (for example, for a following visibility rule), then you can do so by putting a custom validation in the checkbox group.

Return false, if the element is empty (text input) or unchecked (radio/checkbox) or if nothing is selected (select).

Works with text inputs, selects, checkboxes and radio buttons.

Then make changes as noted in the CHANGES REQUIRED section below.

According to you can set a checkbox to "required" and it will validate that they have to check it before submitting the form.On the custom function, you just have to have something like: public void check Check Box(object o, Server Validate Event Args e) I like this solution much better. I am guessing you like the first one since you mention about buttons. If you have multiple buttons, you just double-click on the one that you want to call the validating function. I'll look more into create user wizard control since i've never used it before. In this validate function (Accept Terms Check Box Validation), you have to dig deep into your Create User Wizard Control to get your checkbox and check to see if it is checked. But, I have a problem with emails and usernames not needing to be unique.Question though: I'm putting this checkbox on a Create User Wizard Step. I can't find how to create the button click event for the step "next" button. I've never used the Wizard before but i am pretty sure in the design mode, it gives you an option to double click on the button of each step. I usually create my own 'create user' page and write all custom validations. If yes, you keep going to the next step, if not, you have this client-side function to validate it. How do I code it so the database is searched for the username and email address to not allow duplicates? create a new function which takes in one parameter, something like, public bool checkduplicate Email(string an Email).Therefore, it is suggested to open a new thread regaridng your question with more details, code samples and if it is related to Kendo Validator to describe better how it incorporated with the checkbox you are using.I want to add to the Create User Wizard an "Accept Terms" checkbox. NET but i'll go step by step how i created a checkbox in Create User Wizard control and have it validated. Add a row and drag and drop a checkbox to the newly added row. Go back to the Source mode and replace the visual-studio-generated checkbox code with this one. I keep it because i want it to be the same as the reference i got it from. I dont' think there is anything else except that once in a while you, the developer, needs to have some special requirement.Radio buttons will be validated as normal inputs based on the value.