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Todd Shane Tomko, 54, was arrested in Quincy, Illinois, on Nov.22 on seven outstanding felony warrants from the Virginia Beach Police Department.

While we don't count "suicide" as the proper solution to anything, by taking your life by your own hand, you ensured your still loving family - they never deserted you during this travail - would receive DIC and your SGLI insurance. Make a statement or make 'em laugh with T-shirts from Iron Horse Helmets.Choose your color, choose your size, choose your quantity.A 33-year Marine officer and former commander of the Wounded Warrior Regiment, he was sentenced to two months in the brig last year after pleading guilty to sending sexual text messages to a female enlisted subordinate, obtaining and using testosterone without a prescription, and driving drunk to his own arraignment aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.Master Police Officer Linda Kuehn, a spokeswoman for the department, told Tuesday that the charges against Tomko include three counts of aggravated sexual battery, three counts of indecent liberties with a child, and one count of felony cruelty to children.If you are a West Point graduate - and not a leftist, militant lesbian or Hillary/Obama admirer - you might want to print out our previous stories and send them to your member of Congress - as if they even care.

UNLIKE POLITICALLY-CORRECT AIR FORCE TIMES, WE AT MILITARYCORRUPTION.The military has the right to call service members out of retirement to face court-martial, whether or not the alleged offenses occurred during or after the service member's time in uniform.This is an extraordinarily rare move, and typically reserved for high-profile officers and cases. Brian Block, said Naval Criminal Investigative Service officials were still learning the details of Tomko's case.SP4 Marc Lofaro was a friend and combat photographer with the 54th Signal Bn. Both of us dreamed of being civilian war correspondents someday. "NOT GUILTY" - THAT'S THE VERDICT IN AIR FORCE ACADEMY COURT-MARTIAL WHERE A SENIOR CADET WAS CHARGED WITH "SEXUAL ASSAULT" OF A FELLOW MALE STUDENT - YOU MIGHT SAY AFA FIRST CLASSMAN WAS "CRAZY LIKE A FOX" - :"STEVEN FOX" TO BE EXACT HE HAD CHOICE OF PANEL OF SEVEN OFFICERS OR A MILITARY JUDGE - HE GUESSED RIGHTPolitically-correct Air Force TIMES - who totally dropped the ball on real coverage of the MAJ Jill Metzger cover-up vs. Curtis Le May think of that and what his beloved Air Force has become?our honest wall-to-wall investigative reports - got nervous when this case turned out to be one male cadet accusing another of a "sex crime."It turned out the heinous "crime" was allegedly preventing his "date" from leaving a dorm room to go to a dance and then rubbing up his (whatever) against the "victim's" thigh in bed. NAVY COMMANDER FIGHTS FOR OUR VETS RETIRED SURFACE WARFARE OFFICER JOHN "BULLDOG" WELLS JOINS WITH AMVETS IN BOYCOTT OF NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE BLASTS NFL'S "BLATANT CENSORSHIP" IN REFUSING TO AIR SUPER BOWL TV AD THAT HONORS OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM WELLS IS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF MILITARY VETERANS ADVOCACYThe executive director of Military Veterans Advocacy, retired Navy CDR John "Bulldog" Wells - who drew national attention last November when he refused to accept an award at a National Football League game - said the decision by the NFL to reject a Super Bowl commercial honoring veterans, only underscores the importance of sending the league "a strong message.""Our colleagues at AMVETS were prepared to spend a significant amount of money to honor veterans with a TV commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl," Wells said."Rejecting a television advertisement that included the hashtag #Please Stand shows the utter contempt the politically-correct NFL has for our military.