Updating wmi

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CAU orchestrates these failovers by using the maintenance mode, which pauses and drains the node of all active clustered roles.

By default, CAU selects the order of nodes to update based on the level of activity.Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU) is a feature that coordinates software updates on all servers in a failover cluster in a way that doesn't impact the service availability any more than a planned failover of a cluster node.For some applications with continuous availability features (such as Hyper-V with live migration, or an SMB 3.x file server with SMB Transparent Failover), CAU can coordinate automated cluster updating with no impact on service availability. CAU supports updating Storage Spaces Direct clusters regardless of the deployment type: hyper-converged or converged.You can use Task Scheduler to run the Invoke-Cau Run cmdlet on a desired schedule from a remote computer that is not one of the cluster nodes. CAU doesn't impose any constraints in this regard.However, performing software updates on a server (with the associated potential restarts) while a server backup is in progress is not an IT best practice.The clustering API implementation selects the target nodes by relying on internal metrics and intelligent placement heuristics (such as workload levels) across the target nodes.

CAU doesn't load balance the clustered nodes, but it attempts to preserve the distribution of clustered roles.The nodes that are hosting the fewest clustered roles are updated first.However, an administrator can specify a particular order for updating the nodes by specifying a parameter for the Updating Run in the CAU UI or by using the Power Shell cmdlets.The administrator who initiates an Updating Run can specify the acceptable threshold for the number of nodes that can be offline.Therefore, an Updating Run can proceed on a cluster even if all the cluster nodes are not online. CAU is a cluster-scoped updating tool, so it only allows you to select clusters to update.You can start an Updating run through the Cluster-Aware Updating window or by using the Invoke-Cau Run Power Shell cmdlet.

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