Updating windows toolbar

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It is particularly important that you use the current version for Windows Vista (or later).

You can search Google or Yahoo to find the correct internet address of the manufacturer.

In order to keep your computer up to date, you must install the latest updates for Windows and your programs.

Some updates are important because they can help improve the security of Windows and your computer performance.

Be sure to uninstall the old drivers of the device (right-click over the device in ) before installing the new ones.

Unfortunately Windows Vista (and any version of Windows) may only come with a pre-installed, generic Microsoft driver for the motherboard sound chip.

Anvisoft Windows Update Downloader can check for the newest security updates for your computer and install them for keeping your PC safer.

If you receive Windows Update error when Windows Update checks for new updates, the cause might be a connection interruption between your computer and the Windows Update server or other related issues.If Device Manager cannot obtain drivers other than from Microsoft, or if you are having recording or playback problems even with the latest non-Microsoft drivers, seek appropriate drivers direct from the sound device or motherboard manufacturer.Access Device Manager by clicking the and then on the Driver tab to check the "Driver Provider".Windows Update Downloader is an automatic troubleshooter which is available for fixing some problems with Windows Update and resolving some errors for you.The current Audacity version fully supports Windows Vista.If you only have Microsoft sound drivers (for example because no Vista drivers matched to your hardware were available when the system was built), these will be generic drivers which won't be specifically matched to your hardware, and may cause problems sooner or later.