Updating the firmware

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Updating the firmware - halo dating 101

* For firmware update, be sure to use a blank CF card formatted with the camera.

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This destination may be different from the path initially displayed, "C:\".) Confirm file size of the firmware update file.

If View NX 2 or Nikon Transfer is installed, Nikon Transfer 2 or Nikon Transfer may start automatically; exit the application before proceeding.

Windows 8 To have both the current folder (the folder containing the firmware update) and the memory card folder open at the same time, right-click the memory card icon in Explorer and select Open in new window.

Please read our step-by-step tutorial on How to Unroot/Unbrick LG G3 for instructions on how to install stock factory firmware.

This firmware update applies to cameras with firmware versions up to 1.0.2 installed.

Please download the compressed, self-extracting file that matches your computer's operating system.

Extract downloaded file to creat firmware update file.

The latest update includes the following content: Onkyo has discovered there is a possibility of failure when updating receivers to this new firmware package via ethernet in certain network environments.

For this reason, we are now only releasing a firmware file for installation via USB port / flash memory device.

Remove the CF card from the card reader after confirming that the firmware update file has been saved to the card.

*Before removing the CF card from the card reader, select the EOS_DIGITAL icon, and then choose Eject EOS_DIGITAL from the File menu (or drag the EOS_DIGITAL icon to the Trash).

There are cases where a PC card adapter is necessary. (1-A) Battery Pack NB-2LH (The battery pack must be fully charged.) (1-B) AC Adapter Kit ACK700 (sold separately) (2) CF card (8MB or more, 2GB or less) In order to supply power to the camera, either (1-A) or (1-B) is necessary.

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