Updating security procedures and scheduling security audits

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Updating security procedures and scheduling security audits - damian mcginty and hannah mcialwain dating 2016

(A GEOLOC is a container yard location that is created and maintained in the Integrated Booking System-Container Management Module [IBS-CMM].At least one refrigerated or five dry containers are needed to establish a GEOLOC.) • The CCO receives training on IBS-CMM from the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command either online or in person.

• The CCO is assigned responsibility for one or more geographic locations (GEOLOCs).

The country container authority works with the container management element located in Kuwait to ensure that each GEOLOC is properly managed in IBS-CMM.

The container management element is responsible for managing and operating IBS-CMM, providing CCOs with IBS-CMM user identifiers, and granting CCOs temporary or permanent access to update GEOLOCs.

One centralized base acts as the main operational base (a hub) with smaller bases (spokes) surrounding it.

CONTAINER MANAGEMENT The container management structure in the CJOA-A is organized under the Joint Sustainment Command-Afghanistan and is described in depth in the CENTCOM Container Management Policy Letter of Instruction (CM LOI).

These individuals manage the CCOs located at each base in the task force's area of responsibility.

Each RC should assign a regional container manager responsible for ensuring that CCOs or yard managers are assigned and trained on IBS-CMM for each base and location.Before executing MCAT missions, it is imperative to conduct mission planning at the battalion, company, platoon, and team levels of operations.In order to understand how specific MCAT tasks apply to the mission in Afghanistan, a brief overview of how forces are arrayed is necessary.The assessments include physical inventories of containers located at the various bases and GEOLOCs.MCAT MISSIONS MCATs conduct missions based on requests by RCs and units located therein.In April 2012, the 427th Brigade Support Battalion (BSB) began conducting the U. Central Command (CENTCOM) Materiel Retrograde Element (CMRE) mission to assist units with processing materiel for retrograde, redistribution, redeployment, reset, and disposal.

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