Updating rise of legends

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Updating rise of legends

Keeping with the personalities, you also had hero units that appeared both in singleplayer and multiplayer.

Another major change from RON was the greater personality of the sides.For those that didn’t read my previous post on Rise of Nations, Big Huge Games founded by ex Firaxis employee Brian Reynolds struck a chord with RTS fans with the amazing Rise of Nations.A real time strategy game that took a lot of the mechanics and flow of turn based strategy games to create something entirely new.While Rise of Nations was based on real world civilizations and growth, Rise of Legends went in a completely different direction.Taking place in a fantasy world where three different factions vied for control: The Vinci, the Alin and the Cuotl.Instead of having all the basic unit types and researches the same for each side, Rise of Legends when with completely unique units and researches for each.

The Alin could place summoning circles down on almost anywhere on the map that would act as unit spawns and the Vinci would be able to unlock machinery to help them.

Rise of Legends however definitely had more real time elements to it which took away from the uniqueness of the design.

First was that cities could no longer be placed anywhere you wanted and had to be put at specific points on the map.

So the mechanics of territories, attrition and using research were the same.

However the three races each twisted them to their own design providing more strategic options.

It was designed by Brian Reynolds, of Alpha Centauri, and built by Big Huge Games.

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