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Releases will henceforth be numbered as revision.version.subversion triples.Maintenance releases will have an even version component, while the version component for development releases will be odd.

This FAQ covers only a little about the CPAN module and you may find the documentation for it by using PAUSE is the Perl Authors Upload SErver, a registry for Perl module, script and documentation authors to upload their work to the CPAN.For example, the next maintenance update of Perl 5.6.0 will be v5.6.1, and the development series will begin life at v5.7.0.To build Perl you need a C compilation environment.This will install the development environment and build an up-to-date Git version in it.You definitely want to install this development environment into a directory whose path does not have spaces in it. To be able to open the development environment quickly again, you might want to install a desktop icon using the method suggested in the default message of the command-line window which was kept open at the end of the installation procedure: -- has to be modified.Perl 6 is not intended primarily as a replacement for Perl 5, but as its own thing - and libraries exist to allow you to call Perl 5 code from Perl 6 programs and vice versa. "We're really serious about reinventing everything that needs reinventing." --Larry Wall CPAN is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, a large collection of Perl software and documentation.

You can begin exploring from either or any of the mirrors listed at

Perl is a high-level programming language with an eclectic heritage written by Larry Wall and a cast of thousands.

It derives from the ubiquitous C programming language and to a lesser extent from sed, awk, the Unix shell, and at least a dozen other tools and languages.

CPAN and PAUSE are often used interchangeably but they are distinct from each other.

The documentation explains it rather simply; CPAN works with the generosity and cooperation of thousands of developers, over 256 participating mirrors, many companies, institutions and individuals donating the network bandwidth, storage space and computing power, volunteers who help keep everything together and users whose interest in Perl keep the archive alive and growing.

a current list of Perl binaries that we are aware of at this time.

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