Updating ompf

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Updating ompf

In e MILPO there is no selection for the ACM or ICM without the BSS, as you have to wear at least one BSS with the ribbon.

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If the same Soldier deploys again in support of OEF to Afghanistan from Nov 06 to Oct 07, the Soldier would now be authorized another BSS, and would wear the ACM with 3-BSS.

The Soldier served during all the campaign phases/inclusive periods for the award and is therefore authorized all five BSS on the ACM. Please refer to MILPER MSG 11-342 for additional information on the individual campaigns for both Afghanistan and Iraq.

REF I IS MCO 1610.7, PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEM (PES). Those Marines who have missing evidence of completion or have not completed the specified PME by 2359 (Eastern Standard Time) on the day prior to the convening date of the board, will be considered and briefed as not qualified for promotion. MMSR-5, Reserve Retirement (all other Reserve Marines), Phone Number: 703-784-9306/9307 DSN: 278-9306/9307. Commanders are directed to disseminate the information contained in this MARADMIN to the total force under their cognizance.

REF J IS MCO 1900.16 W/CH 1, MARINE CORPS SEPARATION AND RETIREMENT MANUAL (MARCORSEPMAN). SMCR-IMA if affiliated in respective component category more than one year before board convene date will have no minimum point requirement. Also, missing information from a Marines official military personnel file (OMPF) is not sufficient grounds to grant a Marine remedial consideration for promotion. MMSR-2, regular retirement (regular component, Career Designated AR, and Reserve Marines in active duty sanctuary), Phone Number: 703-784-9324 DSN: 278-9324.

Multiple examples illustrating the current policy are provided throughout the reference. To clarify, and in accordance with the references, special promotion consideration will not authorize a Marine to go beyond service limits. OMPF documents may be e-mailed as a pdf attachment or faxed to CMC (MMRP-20). It is imperative that documents submitted to CMC (MMRP-20) for inclusion in the OMPF within 60 days of a selection board be conspicuously marked "Contains Documents For FY17 (appropriate board) Selection Board." With the exception of fitness reports, all OMPF documents, particularly digital photos, must be forwarded to and received by CMC (MMRP-20) at least two weeks prior to the convening date of the selection board in order to allow processing time to the OMPF. Marines concerned with specific aspects of their record may contact their respective career counselors and should complete the instructions provided in paragraph 4.a. Encourage all eligible Marines to understand the current component and reserve category being considered, and to review their OMPF, MBS, and MCTFS data. Only fitness reports within the OMPF will be considered by an enlisted promotion selection board. CMC (MMRP-30) Performance Evaluation Section: 703-784-3993 DSN: 278-3993 or toll free 1-877-301-9953.

OMPF documents may also be mailed to CMC (MMRP-20), however, inclusion in the OMPF is substantially faster if the documents are e-mailed. Marines are advised that the OMPF and MBS are distributed to the boardroom at least one week before the board convenes. Active component Marines may contact CMC (MMRP-50). Commanders and Inspector-Instructors Responsibilities. In addition to being mindful of the eligible Marines responsibilities, Commanders must also: 4. Ensure this MARADMIN and subsequent convening MARADMINS are available to all Marines under their command. For fitness reports to become part of the OMPF, the reports must be submitted to CMC (MMRP-30). Questions regarding reserve component codes and combinations thereof should be directed to the unit S-1 personnel. Promotion eligibility is not affected by previous failed selections. Reference (e) and (f), announced updates to the Reserve ECFC policies and are based on two criteria: total qualifying years of service and total federal service. Late submission of requests for consideration based on prior service will be filed without action. Per reference (b), failure to meet these requirements in a timely manner will not constitute remedial consideration for the Marine reported on. Requests for special promotion consideration along with request for transfer to FMCR must be received by MMSR-2 prior to the board convene date. Marines who are required to transfer to the FMCR due to declining PCS orders, or who have declined to reenlist/extend to carry out PCS or deployment orders, are not eligible for promotion consideration. The link to RCT home page is: https:(slash)(slash) portal(slash)page (slash)portal(slash)M(underscore)RA(underscore) home(slash)RA(slash) RCT. Reference (m) provides amplification to assist in determining what documents are appropriate for inclusion in the OMPF. If the last four of SSN is not on the material, then the material may or may not be filed in the OMPF in time to go before the selection board. Ensure all reporting officials comply with the fitness report timelines noted in reference (i). Fitness reports should never be mailed directly to the President of the board. Phone Numbers: 703-784-9241 or toll free 1-800-833-2320. All existing service contracts will be honored regardless of service limitation constraints which means that Marines remain eligible for selection, regardless of failed selection opportunities, until their contract expires. Reference (g) provides additional promotion policies for reserve enlisted Marines. This request can only be made if retirement or transfer to the FMCR has been requested or approved. Marines who submit a voluntary request to transfer to the FMCR, but are not required to transfer to the FMCR, are not eligible for promotion consideration. Marines are reminded that any additions or deletions from their OMPF or MBS within the 12-month window should also be verified to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their record. Encourage all eligible Marines to submit digital photos to their OMPF. They will not be considered, and will not be added to a Marines OMPF. CMC (MMRP-50) Enlisted Career Counseling And Evaluation Unit. REF E IS MARADMIN 202/15 MARINE CORPS RESERVE (MCR) ENLISTED CAREER FORCE CONTROLS (ECFC).REF F IS MCO 1040R.35, RESERVE CAREER RETENTION AND DEVELOPMENT MANUAL.(1) Be engaged in combat during an armed engagement.

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