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After a long talk with an old SAIS buddy of mine, we came to the conclusion that China has blown it; Japan will now, following up on its more general security strategy, look to disinvest and take its business away and put it with the growing string of Asian nations who are also pissed at and increasingly concerned with China’s belligerence. In any case, in answer to the old fear of abandonment that seems to resurface regularly, the U. in no certain terms seems to be showing more of its cards. S.-Japan Security Alliance, US DODPosted in BMD, C4ISR, cyber war, cyberattacks, Cybersecurity, Defense News, Dual Use Technology: Spy Satellite, Early Warning, F-35, FPS-3, FPS-5, JADGE, Japan Marine Self-Defense Force, Japan Marine Self-Defense Force (MSDF), Japan Space Budget, Japan UAV, Japanese BMD, Japanese Defense Budget, JMOD, MOD Cybersecurity, MOD Japan. This represents the biggest one-year decline in half a century and the lowest total in two decades.

The budget requests, already the result of haggling and negotiation, are then audited by the Finance Ministry, which generally makes small cuts, announcing the final figures at the end of December.“This was a significant purchase for the GSDF and a first for postwar Japan.It represents great progress in Japan’s efforts to deter threats against our islands.” C4ISR and space systems also are more prominently featured, with the ministry requesting 100 million yen to convert its advanced FPS-5 phased array radar system so it can also conduct space situational awareness duties, in addition to funds for a research budget for a satellite-mounted ballistic missile early warning sensor, and 3 billion yen for an unmanned aerial vehicle-mounted ballistic missile early warning system.More recently, the Mo D has begun to openly acknowledge China, which has an increasingly assertive Navy in the region, as a strategic concern.In line with this, the ministry has been steadily reinforcing Japan’s marine, antisubmarine and surveillance capabilities.Questions include: – Could there be some work for the Eurofighter after all?

Will Japan feel bruised and abused if the F-35 turns out to be a poisoned chalice.In my view, Japan needs the best air force it can possibly get, for the defense of Japan as well as for alliance operations.Unfortunately, even though Japan is normalizing militarily and responding to the emergence of China by revising its entire defense strategy, there is no aerospace strategy rationale in place to shape a positive outcome. No one — whether Japanese or American airman or air power proponents — could argue that the Obey Amendment should be overturned, because there was no strategic rationale in hand for doing so.When Japan wanted to procure the F-22, there was no argument available to overcome legitimate export restrictions imposed by the U. That’s not to say that there could not be a compelling rationale for the F-22 or another equally good aircraft (Japanese or American), but there is no developed and deployable strategy, no vision, no operational basis for planning or procurement. Will superb BVR missiles and air warfare command and control be sufficient, enabling a less capable aircraft? Will alliance roles and missions influence, or even dictate, aircraft choice?As for particular aircraft, responsible airmen should have a vision of future air combat — we’re talking much more than a decade before any substantial number of new aircraft are available to JASDF. What will be the operational relationship between JASDF and the U. In this context, the Air Sea Battle concept looms large as a significant consideration going forward for JASDF and USAF planners.Consequently, the Mo D for the next year has requested 72.3 billion yen for an advanced, 5,000-ton antisubmarine destroyer that features a new combined diesel-electric and gas propulsion system that will probably be developed in Japan.

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