Updating netapp firmware

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Updating netapp firmware

Once that is complete the system will continue booting into Data ONTAP.Updating the firmware on a Net App filer is fairly easy and can run in the background if your aggregates are setup as dual parity (also verify spares are available).

Back at the filer console you can run the following command to initiate the firmware as follows: Run the command below.– If you are running this from a laptop or server without other apps using port 80, then its probably safe to leave on port 80.– If you want to click the “You Are in Easy Mode” button to change it to “Expert Mode,” you get additional transfer details. c) Copy the downloaded version of Data ONTAP you will be upgrading to onto the server where you are running HFS. Note that you can also drag and drop the file into this window. On Linux, when you run wine you will be prompted to download the Gecko option. From a Net App perspective, its perfect for updating Data ONTAP and SP firmware over the network. Its simple, incredibly small, very portable, very easy to use and is a standalone executable. Just don’t use the Wine Gecko option when prompted.Instructions for Downloading and Installing Disk Firmware- Go to and click on the link that says “Download All Current Disk Firmware”- On the next page, click on the “Download Zip” button and save the zip file to a temporary location on your C: drive, e.g.

C:\Temp\Filer Disk Firmware\all.zip- Extract the contents of the zip file to the /etc/disk_fw directory of the FILER e.g Q:\etc\disk_fw- Check that the following option is enabled on the filer by giving the command: “options raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable” it should return options raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable on .Because upgrading ONTAP includes upgrading your firmware, you do not need to update firmware manually.When you perform an ONTAP upgrade, the firmware for your cluster included with the ONTAP upgrade package is copied to each node's boot device, and the new firmware is installed automatically.software: copying to 814_q_software: 5% file read from location.Note 2: Since updating the disk firmware involves spinning the drive down and back up again, it is possible that a volume can become offline if upgrading 2 or more of the same drive types in the same RAID group.software: Depending on system load, it may take many minutes software: to complete this operation.

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