Updating myspace background

28-Dec-2019 05:55 by 8 Comments

Updating myspace background

And to us, that means helping you discover connect and share with others using the best tools available.Going forward we’re concentrating on building and maintaining the features that make those experience better.

It’s a sign of the social times that text-based blogs, messages, posts and comments are being carted out and dumped on the scrap heap.

Add to that, this is not the only time new My Space has been trigger happy with the delete key.

Its new groove was so keen to erase the past it also erased bands’ fan bases too.

Obviously My Space has very few friends left to alienate — Tom has long since moved on — but that hasn’t stopped it annoying the hell out of its few remaining fans by forcing through an update to its shiny new music discovery platform that’s swallowed their old blog content, with no guarantee it’s ever going to be retrievable.

Oh but users are being told to vote on the of getting their deleted stuff back. We’ve asked My Space exactly WTF is going on and will update this post when/if they reply.

Man Like Machine - Lots of white space but still fun and playful, Man Like Machine is a music page, but gets marked in the Just Plain Pretty category just the same. Rented Mule - One of the more plainly drawn pages, Rented Mule Jazz is something that lots of folks could take cues from without a degree in design. Helena Jesse - The lesson here: put heavy emphasis on your header and you’ll grab some attention. Zone Music - It would be quite basic without that collage to the right of the music player, but if that’s what makes this gem, then so be it. Paul Cullen - So well done, yet not excessively so. Scott Philipp - That’s Scott Philipp and the Stone Baby Band, to be precise.

We Are Tokyo - This design is white and red in a way reminiscent of staple colors commanded by The White Stripes. The rest of the page is fairly ordinary, but perhaps we’re in store for further enhancements. Name emblazoned in white across the top, great graphical touches the entire length of the page, music placed front and center. The contrast of colors make seem a little unusual to some.Which is fine by us, because We Are Tokyo pull it off quite well. Done up with just the right amount of glitz and glamour to make it stand out from the crowd, Mia Sable’s My Space page is nothing short of fantastic. The Academy Is - Having your band name plastered across nearly the full top fold of your My Space page may not such a bad thing, so long as everything else looks proper. Censura - Put your name and music front and center and leave the rest for window dressing. The geography of it makes it worthwhile to emulate. Goodnight Caulfield - Akin to the Mia Sable page, albeit made for a four-piece group, Goodnight Caulfield’s profile is so polished that you start to question whether anything is wrong with it. Black and soft gold are quite a juxtaposition to make. Lenny Kravitz - If you haven’t seen the place before, you will be surprised.The Midway State - Another boxy beaut, the page for The Midway State is impressive for its elegant design and its translucent features. Loading the page takes some time, and some things make seem out of place, but heck if this isn’t one of the most image-enhanced pages on the network. But stick around for a moment and you’ll why we picked it as one of the best. It’s refined and easy to navigate without being imposing in any way. The choice of photo slideshow and background and menu layout and profile componentry, there’s something for most any My Space page designer to be fond of.You know, those blog entries that angsty teens wrote back in anger in 2005. But regardless of the reason, My Space has committed the cardinal sin of burning the folk who cared the most. And entirely avoidable: just warn existing users about what you plan to demolish in advance, and give them the time and tools to transfer their stuff.It’s not exactly tough to get right, yet My Space has got it wrong wrong wrong.If it’s not shiny, visual and multimedia it’s worthless, is what new My Space says.

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