Updating multiple tables in sql server

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Updating multiple tables in sql server - stana katic and nathan fillion dating 2016

The GENERATED ALWAYS AS ROW START column represents the time when the row data became current, basically on an INSERT/UPDATE of the record in the system-versioned temporal table, the system will set current UTC time based on the system clock where the SQL Server instance runs.

One datatime2 column must have the GENERATED ALWAYS AS ROW START option set and the second datatime2 column must have the GENERATED ALWAYS AS ROW END option set.The schema (dbo) name is required for the HISTORY_TABLE parameter, otherwise the following error will appear: Msg 13539, Level 15, State 1, Line 54 Setting SYSTEM_VERSIONING to ON failed because history table ‘People History’ is not specified in two-part name format.Creating a temporal table with a user-defined history table Creating user-defined history table is useful when in the history table needs additional options such as an index in order to obtain a better query performance.datetime2 columns Every temporal table must have two columns with a datatime2 data type.These columns are used exclusively by the system to record the period of validity for each row whenever a row is changed. If there are no NOT NULL constraints for datatime2 columns, the system will automatically set them as NOT NULL.This column indicates the time when the changes UPDATE/DELETE occur. Primary key Also a system-versioned temporal table must have a primary key defined.

If the table doesn’t have a defined the primary key, the following error will appear: Msg 13553, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 System versioned temporal table ‘people’ must have primary key defined.

The bad thing is the default export master of MS SQL Server can export only single table at a time, and it takes a considerable time to configure export options for each table.

I started to export them manually but I got an attack of nerves at the 10th table.

USE Adventure Works SELECT 'bcp ' QUOTENAME(DB_NAME()) '.' QUOTENAME(SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id)) '.' QUOTENAME(name) ' ' 'out' ' ' name '-w -t"|" -E -S ' @@servername ' -T' FROM sys.objects WHERE TYPE='u' AND is_ms_shipped=0 There is a tool called Oracle Migration Workbench that you can get from Oracle that is designed for exactly what you want.

This tool can take entire schemas including users and migrate them from MS Sql to Oracle.

I have to migrate from MS SQL Server and now creating a new ORACLE database with the data partially got from my old tables.

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