Updating galciv2 without serial code 2 03

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Updating galciv2 without serial code 2 03

The player must guide Humanity's actions as they attempt to prevent Precursor technology from being discovered by their enemies, fight a galactic war between the major powers and survive the onslaught of the genocidal Dread Lords.The game is played in what is known as a "sandbox" galaxy mode, where the objective is to achieve victory over AI opponents in one of four ways - military conquest, cultural domination, universal alliance or technological supremacy.

The younger civilizations eventually began to explore the galaxy on their own but their progress was slow.

New ships simply became available when the appropriate technology was researched to create them.

Galactic Civilizations II includes a highly configurable 3D ship design editor.

Armies were mobilized, fleets of warships were built and the galaxy was once again on the verge of total war.

As the younger civilizations prepared themselves for the coming conflict, the Dread Lords began to return.

Minor civilizations (which do not factor into winning conditions, and have a weaker AI), such as the sentient rodent-like Snathi, can also appear in the game.

Each preset civilization has a distinct combination of AI, personality, and built-in advantages.

Technological research now unlocks components that players use to create their own custom ship designs in 3D from a variety of hull bases.

The users' ships are rendered in real time and shown on both the main screen and in fleet battles.

Hyperdrive allowed starships to travel great distances on their own.

With the entire galaxy now within easy reach, the major space-traveling civilizations began a race to explore, colonize and, in some cases, conquer the galaxy.

An expansion, Dark Avatar, was released in February 2007.

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