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The optional third section relates to information about the flights and stay in the United States.Upon submitting their application, the traveller certifies the truth and accuracy of all information submitted by them.

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This response will be sent by email to the address given by you in the questionnaire.

It is therefore recommended to carefully read the form before completing and submitting it.

Although it is not required for you to note the ESTA form as ‘read & self-certified’, printing two copies would be prudent; one to take with you on your trip, the other to keep to one side for future travel.

Our website is specialized in the accompaniment of travellers that wish to visit the United States.

It is not related to American authorities who should not be considered as responsible in case of litigation.

We propose also the evisitor - ETA autorization to travel to Australia Our website has the primary objective of assisting those who wish to visit the United States to more easily obtain their ESTA authorization.

This is the reason why you will find diverse information concerning the procedure and steps you need to take and the responses to different questions you will be asked concerning the organisation of your visit.

When the details concerning your situation or travel plans change you will need to update the information on your ESTA form to be able to travel to the United States again.

Here you can find out how to do so simply and easily.

As indicated above, you should ensure you have all the personal details available for you and any other people you are applying for to ensure you can respond to all questions asked on the form.

Of course, all information supplied will remain entirely confidential and will be used only for ESTA authorization applications purposes.

The information entered on the form should be the same as that in your passport.

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