Updating clearcase checkin comments

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Updating clearcase checkin comments - single and sexless dating

After the files are updated and on a local disk, turn the snapshot view into a Mercurial repository.

Other team members cannot access the files for update until you have checked them back in, and will have to waste time diffing and merging your changes with theirs if they are forced to use private copies.But when I use comments with spaces, I run into error - if ($#ARGV != 1 ) my $base_branch = $ARGV[0]; my $comment = $ARGV[1]; my ($output, @FILE_LIST, $file, $desr); @FILE_LIST = `cleartool find -avobs -version "version(.../$base_branch/LATEST)" -print`; FILE: foreach $file (@FILE_LIST) If you've got to worry about double quote (or single quotes, or both) appearing in the comment text, then you need to do some work on the variable comment.For almost any function, that works with current file (they have suffix ), that either allow modification of file, either switch it to read-only state.The package allows user to perform bulk operations of getting data from repository and committing them back.mkelem appends an appropriate line to the directory's checkout comment.

In Attache, any corresponding local files are uploaded before the command is executed remotely.

It could be used with GNU Emacs 20.4 or higher, and with latest versions of XEmacs.

It could work with different operating systems — with different MS Windows, and with Unix-like OSes.

If you are forethoughtful about the comment most often it will not need to be re-typed when you do the checkin.

The file checked out stays in the same directory but the permission changes from read only to read/write. cp file.ext/main/version# You can then change tmpfile as required, cp/copy it to the atria directory with the correct name, enter cleartool again and check the file in.

Cleartool will prompt for a comment if you do not use the third format to supply one.