Updating ati graphics driver

22-Apr-2020 19:26 by 2 Comments

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ATI Catalyst Control Center is software used to unlock capabilities of AMD graphics processors.

The most obvious problems with Graphics or Video Cards are computer crashing, freezing or problems with viewing or launching certain graphics and video files or programs.

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I could never get AMD’s binary driver (FGLRX) to work with Steam reliably but the open source Radeon driver is surprisingly good and keeps improving.

The downside is that every so often Steam client updates break for weeks until another update fix it.

Let’s look at some common errors related to ATI catalyst control center in Windows 7You may get this error when trying to load the ATI Catalyst control center.

Reason: One of the reasons for this Catalyst control center problem is corrupted Windows Global Assembly Cache (GAC)Solution: AMD provides updates to ATI Catalyst Control Center.If you are not tech-savvy, the easiest way to update ATI CCC is by uninstalling the older version of the program and performing a clean install of latest ATI CCC package.The main producers of Video and Graphics Card Drivers are NVIDIA, ATI and Intel.This update also contains the latest Graphic Card Drivers.You can choose to install the complete ATI Catalyst Control Center package from the ATI website.We will not be sharing your email information with a third party!