Updating a concrete bird bath

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Updating a concrete bird bath

“I had some halter horses that I loved to death – but for a long time I really liked cutting horses.” Her husband, Don, was born in Muenster, Texas and they lived in South Lake, where they owned a swimming pool concrete company.“When we decided to retire, we sold the company and bought a farm in Saint Jo, Texas,” sad Janie.

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The agreement stated that the Vogels had purchased the percentage of those horses and embryos, which would be known as Dos Cats Partners.The Vogels learned that Dufurrena permitted at least 100 breedings to Stevie Rey Von, during that period.The Vogels anticipated that the same would be true for 20 for Stevie Rey Von as well as Auspicious Cat.When you go inside you’ll find a spacious floor plan with a living area, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and an upstairs sleeping loft. Related: 30′ Escape Traveler XL Tiny House on Wheels (Design)Images © This is new Traveler XL…basic layout as original Traveler but with first floor bedroom with queen bed.This is a really impressive tiny house design, isn’t it? So many people asked and we were already building it. Alex is a contributor and editor for Tiny House and the always free Tiny House Newsletter.According to the lawsuit, at the time of the agreement, Dufurrena represented to the Vogels that Auspicious Cat had no physical defects, which was untrue as it was later learned he was a cryptorchid (only one testicle) and carried the HERDA gene.

They claim Dufurrena also misrepresented expenses of the partnership, claiming expenses for things that had not incurred, as well as inflated expenses and some that were not authorized and/or excessive.When the Vogels requested the expenses be substantiated, they claimed the defendant never complied.In fact, at the time of the lawsuit, none of the expenses had been substantiated by Dufurrena.The rest of the horses in the agreement had been sold by Dufurrena.The terms included all expenses being shared proportionately by the ownership interests of each partner; all earnings from any source were to be shared proportionately according to the ownership interests of each partner and the defendant would manage the horses.However, in a lawsuit filed six years later on Sept.