Ufo dating sites

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Ufo dating sites

is certainly a compelling and interesting documentary to watch.UFO believers and enthusiasts will certainly walk away from the documentary smirking with an ‘I told you so’ undertone, while even UFO skeptics are likely to think twice about their skepticism.

The footage covers a number of missions, and a range of mysterious objects--in a clip featured on the science fiction blog io9, a bizarre object rotates within the frame, seeming to morph from one shape to another as the cameraman casually tracks it.And here you are, gliding through space in low Earth orbit, watching this alien craft dance around your video camera's viewfinder.You are not alone--there are other astronauts onboard the space shuttle, and mission control is watching the live feed from Houston.Yet not a single raised voice or mention of ETs or UFOs can be heard on the audio of this recording.Apparently, it's just another routine brush with extraterrestrial life, and another day in the life of a massive, decades-long, multiagency coverup.If that weren't mysterious enough, at one point, a light drifts by.

The post's headline poses the question: "Will the US Government Finally Admit There Are Aliens?

The documentary shows speeches from different members of the National Press Club event, making claims that the UFO sightings they witnessed is under intelligent control.

Fox interviewed Admiral Lord Hill Norton, former chief of defense staff from 1970 – 77, who had been pressuring parliament to provide clear answers on a UFO case related to a UFO landing on an airbase in England.

The other explanation is that it didn’t happen and that Colonel Halt and all his men were hallucinating.

This position that the Colonel of an American air force base in Suffolk, England was hallucinating, was dismissed by Admiral Lord Hill Norton.

The filmmaker poses the question – if UFOs are real than surely someone in the know would be talking?