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Im sure youll be able to make a judgement on whether they are suitable for inclusion in your website!LP1 M LP2 - OJJgl0 LP3 - I LP4 - H2JVi Vc LP5 - J8a UX0hh N Leslie James Hall Reading Stradivarius, I was struck be the lack of info regarding the gay clubs of London in the 1960s!

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The jukeboxes in both of these clubs supplied the beginning of the Camp Sunday Tea Dances at "Stallions".I made a 60min vid called Cottage Queen 91 where I went around the cottages in the Newcastle area.I just posted an 11min vid of the toilets I filmed on YT Tf XEo Yd Nc which may be of interest to you. My partner of the time (sadly deceased) also filmed London Pride 1996 which ran to 5 sections which I also posted on YT.The first is 2-3mins with the rest 5-6mins long, the quality is pretty good given they are 18yrs old & filmed on old technology !Get back to me if you are interested in linking them on your page as Im most keen to share with the big wide world.There was no fire escape in any of these clubs and all were accessed by a flight of wooden stairs from the street!

The "Huntsman" had a special light, which the staff of the "Coffee Pot" upstairs used to flash on and off when police or any other danger was about.

In all these 'coffee clubs' the young gay population of London used to enjoy their time, dancing, taking soft drugs (available from behind the counter) and passing the nights away until around 9am!

Soho at that time was littered with all-night venues, none of which were properly licensed!

I think it must have been just before the Police understood what was happening and we literally lived and partied on the fringes of society with impunity!

Sincerely, Rich The Lost Gay Scene..memories of my time in London in the 70's & 80's you have awakened!

Hello, Ive been looking at your website & you may be interested in some vids I posted on my You Tube page.

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