Toilet slave hookups

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Toilet slave hookups - 1cam girls tube

Slapping is good to bring more blood into the balls so that sensitivity is enhanced.

The maximum achieved on the penis so far is twelve for ten minutes.

The time limit it can be tolerated is minimal, several minutes at the most. Well, that depends on the type of lotion, I suppose. I usually use something with aloe in it; even a gel works nicely.

It’s fun to tease My victim with hand applications of slippery creams.

Varieties of Testicle & Phallus Torment By C When I have a slave by the balls, I really mean it. One of My favorite activities with male slaves is the art of exquisite penis torture. One of My favorite victims even devises rating scales for Me to use. This progresses to a paddle, maybe the wooden one with the air holes, then on to the crop or flog.

I don’t mean a slap or two, but real torture, from mild to severe. I always start a penis torment session with a good By this time, everyone is certainly in the right spirit.

A whip or riding crop applied liberally to this area will instill new meaning in the slave’s vocabulary of pain.

Also, a good scrubbing with a stiff brush will revitalize this spot amazingly. I like to use the wooden spring type on the fans of heavy torment. I like to gradually work up a slave’s tolerance for quantity and amount of time worn.

One of the best spots for a tight clothespin on the penis is the frenum, that stretch of pink sensitive skin on the underside, right beneath the head.

It’s fun to watch a slave hop, dance, howl and plead when this is done.

So a little playful slapping might be in order at this time.

I slap the penis and the balls, individually or together.

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